Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Value of Rhythm, Rhyme and Memory

For those who have days when accessing a particular fact in your brain is like chasing marbles across a high-gloss floor, here is a fun little ditty for word lovers. I have called this my one-and-only bar trick, but it was actually taught to me by my 5th grade teacher, Sister Mary Dolorita, in St. Mary's parish school in Bordentown, NJ. I have never forgotten it and I'm happy to sing it upon request. I would love to hear about others who may have learned something this way.

The prepositions in alphabetical order sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

About, above, across, after,
Against, among, around, at.
Before, behind, beside, between,
Beyond, by, down, during, except.

For, from, into, near,
Of, off, on, over, past,
Through, throughout, to, toward, under,
Until, up, with.


wjp said...

my daughter learned the prepositions in alphabetical order, but our practice was more like a medieval chant.

I will share this with her

Cheryl said...

That sounds like a much more fun way to memorize prepositions--singing them to a tune!--than straight memorization.