Monday, February 18, 2008

Review: One City, Two Brothers

Chris Smith and Aurélia Fronty, author and illustrator respectively, tell the story of the city that is the spiritual home to the world's three largest religions. The Jews call the city Yerushalaym, the Arabs call it Al-Quds, and the English - Jerusalem. It is a story of love and generosity handed down through the centuries as a folk tale as a reminder to all that a city and its inhabitants can live in peace with one another.

The author is a professional storyteller and says that he wrote this book "to combine my love of story with the wish for the people of Israel and Palestine to find peace." The illustrations are stylized and saturated with deep, jewel-like colors that evoke the desert landscape and night skies. They provide context for this unique story and evoke the beauty of the various cultures that contribute to this tale that resonates with multiple cultures.

In the end, this story is about love and peace - the two things our world needs more of. This is a healing story that should be shared with many>

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Cloudscome said...

I have this book on my desk to be reviewed. I enjoyed reading your post here very much. It's a lovely book, isn't it?