Friday, September 25, 2009

Faces of the Moon

"Each month the Moon transforms her face,
which grows and shrinks at steady pace.
Her changing looks reveal her place
in orbit 'round our globe."

This early passage in Faces of the Moon by Bob Crelin and illustrated by Leslie Evans sets the tone of this children's book. The first part of the book explains the phases of the moon in rhyme while diecut page tabs and diecut moon in the middle of each illustration walk readers through the progression of moon phases.

As the "first stepping stone toward discovering our universe," the author explains in educational text in the back of the book how the earth, moon and sun orbit each other in plain language. He also includes some "Moon Memo-Rhymes", short, rhyming memory aids to remember key facts about the moon and its phases.

This is a terrific book with which to introduce children to basic facts about the moon that will reinforce their own observations in the long tradition of sky watchers and astronomers.


The BEDBUG Blog said...

I like this idea, helping children to learn about the moon utilizing rhyming--good method to make the subject interesting and easy to remember.

Annie said...

Thanks for your comment.

I can attest to the power of this learning technique. In 5th grade my teacher taught us to sing the prepositions in alpha order to the tune of Yankee Doodle. I have never forgotten them, lo these many years.

Julie said...

This sounds great. Very cool :)