Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review: Singing to the Sun

What a beautiful storybook this is. This new fairy tale by Vivian French unfolds as it should and Jackie Morris' illustrations are lush and gorgeous. Renaissance motifs and jewel tones bring this magical story alive.

In all good fairy tales, there is a clear depiction of good and evil and Singing to the Sun follows this tradition. Our hero is raised in a loveless home by a father focused on power and a mother focused on wealth. He is watched over and nurtured by the court jester and a wise tabby cat.

When he leaves his home to find his fortune, adventure and surprises are in store. There is a unique twist at the end of the story which brings the story to a delightful and satisfactory conclusion. This is a book to linger over and read again and again with your favorite child.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Many thanks for this lovely review.
While I was working on the book I grew to love the jester, but could find nothing at all to redeem Thorfinn's parents. They are horrible! And I so enjoyed painting the wolves. I think every girl should have a wolf, and keep it close!
love from Jackie and the Gingercats

Annie said...

Jackie, I'm honored that you stopped by and I'm excited to know that your Gingercats have their own blog. We have been adopted by several ginger cats over the years although currently we live with only one chatty tabby.

From the photos on the Gingercats' blog, I can see where you get some of your inspiration. You live in a magical place. Thanks for sharing your magic.