Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review: Late for School

For many families, getting out the door and to school on time each day is a challenge. But what happens if the teacher wakes up late? That is the premise of Stephanie Calmenson's inventive story accompanied by Sachiko Yoshikawa's whimsical illustrations.

Mr. Bungles has a strict rule that absolutely no one should be late for school. When he wakes up late one morning, he experiences one travel disaster after another - the kind of cascade failure that many of us have experienced when running late. Beginning with his car not starting, Mr. Bungles tries a train, bus, animal van, hot air balloon, unicycle and finally his feet before he finally gets to school. Once there, of course, his students remind him of his rule which then, of course gets modified.

A fun quick read, colorful charming illustrations with lots of conversation starters about transportation and the reasons for rules.

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