Monday, July 14, 2008

Gone Fishin'

If only it were true, it would mean that these weeks that I've been absent from Crazy 4 Kids Books would mean that I've been off for some R & R. Not really. The reason I've been absent from this blog is that I've been occupied with launching another blog more closely aligned with how I earn my living. If you're interested in K-12 publishing, check it out at

At this point, I'm sure I've lost whatever Google Juice I had built up and will need to start over to build an audience. But, that's where I am. I hope my readers will treat my extended absence as a long trip to the library or favorite book store. I promise to be back shortly to talk about some terrific books, wonderful educators and librarians and more.

In the meantime, if YOU get a chance to go fishing literally or figuratively, my wish for you is that you enjoy every single second.


Dawn Phillips said...


It's great to hear you got R & R this means you're energized for the new release.
Fishing is one of the greatest ways to relax, especially during the summer.

Congrats! Wish you much success.

Best Regards,
Dawn Phillips

Annie said...

Thanks, Dawn. It's good to be back with a terrific stack of children's books ready to be enjoyed.