Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Cat Copies Me

Originally published in Korea, this is a poignant story of friendship between a girl and her cat. The two share games and fun together as well as comfort each other when things are scary. While the story begins with the cat imitating the girls' actions, by the end of the story the girl has resolved to learn from her cat. She faces her fears directly as she learns to climb high, to not be afraid of the dark, and to stretch her mind and body as far as she can. Her cat comforts and sustains the girl and gives her the courage to go outside their home to make new friends together. Youngsters will find encouragement in this story to reach outside their comfort zone for experiences that might seem scary at first but are easier to face with a friend at your side. ISBN 978-1-933605-26-5. Kane/Miller Book Publishers.

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